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We have packages designed for every budget starting at $999 per month
A proven, experienced and effective, ROI-driven fitness and sports industry marketing agency.

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We build you a professional web presence in weeks, not months. Our fitness marketing and personal trainer website design service is fast and reliable.

We work with you to creae a beautiful, bespoke fitness website with great feature like HD Video, Facebook integration, Google Maps, Mobile Ready, Marketing System and Search engine optimised so you appear high in search results. All with no heavy set up fees, free domain and free hosting!!

Our 10 Step Fitness Business Suceess Roadmap is the only complete personal trainer website design and fitness marketing service on the Internet! Complete with fitness website design, fitness marketing systems, how to guides and a service that is well beyond what you'd get with a standard web designer!

We work together with you and other leading brands to bring you a streamlined marketing service that caters to the new and seasoned personal trainer. Check out our recent blog posts!

We are proud to support a broad range of Fitness and Sports

  • Yoga Studios
  • Fitness Centers
  • Sports Clubs
  • Tennis Clubs
  • Sports Merchandise
  • Products and Apparel

Sales and Lead Generating Programs

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A Smarter Solution To Help Your Fitness Business Thrive

Zen Planner gets it. Because our team is made up of active members of the fitness community, we understand the way your business works and what it takes to be successful, Dedicated to minimizing the work "behind the scenes", we've bundled all the resources you need in to one powerful software package. checout our unique features and see how to access to the right management tools can help you retain and growth our client base and free up to focus on your passion for fitness . Some key features of our fitness management software include:

  • Online Scheduling & attendance tracking
  • Client Self-service through Kiosk iPad App & Member Connect
  • Simplified automated billing
  • Time-saving automations
  • Integrated website & email marketing
  • Customized reporting & analytics
  • Belt & skills tracking
  • Android & Apple member app

How dose your website measure Up?

Your website is your best salesperson.It should be prepared to pitch your business any time. any place. We can consult with you to find weaknessses in it's presentation and create a dynamite pitch.

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